Marshall15 70 / 64 / C
"Submissive Blindfolded Wife Mates With Strangers..."
Saint Louis, Missouri, Stati Uniti
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Marshall15 70/C
Saint Louis, Missouri
Two days ago my wife was fucked by a new stranger. She looks beautiful with her legs spread wide and grinding on a cock deep inside her.
Cassie is an extremely beautiful, extremely wonderful, and extremely happy female who loves all males, and must have many cocks every day. Read about her, and see her photos--click on this link--Marshall15

My wife Becky is petite and her pussy is tight--it draws you in-- sucking and pulling on your cock. If you want to experience how very good it feels to have your cock buried all the way into her, send a message to Marshall15 on this site..

She wants to be fucked by strangers while she is blindfolded. She loves cocks and she loves males. She will never see or know those who have mated with her. The only contact she will ever have with the strangers will be sexual contact, in the motel bedroom, while she is blindfolded. Some strangers have mated with her more than once or twice...they love her body and love her pussy and want all they can get. But they remain strangers to her, as she is blindfolded always, and does not know whose cock is in her pussy.

No stranger has to be a sexual superstar. My wife is very sexual but also loving and likes to takes things slowly and build up slowly. with her.....lick her... fondle her...and then when you can't wait any longer.....fuck her slowly then fuck her hard at the end when you need to cum. It's that simple.

The beauty of the blindfolded female with a stranger lies in its straightforward honesty. She does not care what he's accomplished in his life, and he does not care what she's accomplished. She simply is in need of a male, and he simply needs a female.

Is she really 64? Yes.... she is a very rare specimen for her age....or...any age for that matter. When we're out in public males are always checking her out...she turns heads.

Collecting "applicants" for future encounters is an ongoing process. I'm looking for ...straight white males.... to mate with my wife while she's blindfolded. She prefers males who are on the slender side and 6'1" or under as she is petite. The age of the male is not very important to her. So he could 20 years old or 70 years old, as long as he needs a female. But...a caveat....males 25 years old and older are preferred. She is slender with curves, 5'5" and weighs 120 pounds. I tell her often she is built for....and made for....fucking.

Strangers who want to mate with her while she's blindfolded should send me an AdultFriendFinder email message and then I'll give you further details.

And a note to future strangers....she loves to suck cocks...but make it easy for her to do that. See to it that you are shaved or at least trimmed.

She is "the typical girl next door".... and.... she has quite a sexual appetite. So in this regard she is somewhat of an enigma. To be clear on this, though she is very sexual, she is also a warm and loving female.

We will host at a local (St. Louis area) motel.

The motel bedroom will be quite dark with just a few small candles burning and mood music will be playing in the background. It is a perfect atmosphere for mating. She makes the strangers feel very much wanted immediately, as she is warm and open to them, embracing them right from the start. Such is her sexual nature.

Non-smokers, please....and....condoms are a must.

  • 70/64 / Coppia (uomo/donna)
  • Saint Louis, Missouri, Stati Uniti
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Tipo "Swinger": Preferisco non dire
Lingue: Inglese
Figli: Preferisco non dire
Vuole figli: Preferisco non dire
I nostri trofei in vetrina:
Data di nascita: 10 Febbraio 1948 1 Luglio 1953
Trasloco?: Preferisco non dire Preferisco non dire
Altezza: 6 ft 0 in / 182-185 cm 5 ft 5 in
Corporatura: Medio Magro
Fumo: Non fumo Non fumo
Alcol: Bevo poco o in società Bevo poco o in società
Droga: Non faccio uso di droghe Non faccio uso di droghe
Istruzione: Preferisco non dire Preferisco non dire
Professione: Retired Preferisco non dire
Etnia: Caucasica Caucasica
Religione: Preferisco non dire Preferisco non dire
Dotazione maschile: Preferisco non dire/Preferisco non dire N/A
Circonciso: Preferisco non dire N/A
Taglia di reggiseno: N/A
Colore di capelli: Grigi Biondi
Lunghezza di capelli: Media lunghezza Media lunghezza
Colore degli occhi: Nocciola Nocciola
Occhiali o lenti a contatto: Nessuno Occhiali